Family Contact Service - Keeping children in contact with family.
Family Contact Service provides experienced and qualified contact supervisors for supervised contact when there is Family Court Orders or Children’s Court Orders or mutual agreement between the parties, which may be a Parenting Order in place or other mutual agreement made between parents.
Family Contact Service is an outreach service. All supervised contacts occur within the community or at a parent's home providing this is in the child's best interests, this decision will be made by the owner of the Family Contact Service with the residential parents agreement. All decision making is guided by the Family Court orders and the current legislation.   
There are minimal waiting lists. Our service is offered 365 days per year. Workers are required to have a Working with Children Certificate and relevant industry experience and qualifications.
Family Contact Service closely supervises contact, documenting observations is compulsory and is expected to be paid for every visit with no exceptions given. We aim to maintain safety for children at all times. We are a highly professional service with explicit and clear boundaries. While we are empathic towards parents, we are very clear that our role is outside the legal decision making process. However our professional observations may assist the Court in making decisions regarding children's best interests. Nevertheless when trust is gained, parents sometimes desire to utilise staff knowledge of the service system.
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